Colleen Derksen

Co-ordinator, ‘This Full House’ Program, Sage Seniors Association

Colleen works at Sage Seniors Association coordinating the ‘This Full House’ program, which assists seniors living with Hoarding Disorder by offering assessment,individualized planning, resource information, and follow up support. She also serves as the Chair of the Edmonton Hoarding Coalition.

    9:00 - 9:45 am

    Thursday 19th Nov

    Hoarding Disorder and How You Can Help

    This presentation will define Hoarding Behaviours and differentiate between Hoarding Disorder and other forms of object gathering. The presentation will speak about the complexities and contributing factors around hoarding behaviour and teach participants how to best support persons with Hoarding Behaviours. The second part of the webinar will address tips on decluttering, releasing items, and organizing for persons challenged by this behaviour.

    Format: Zoom webinar
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    Or call:
    855 703 8985 (Toll Free)
    Webinar ID: 972 6545 4536
    Passcode: 168457

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